avatarOnline, there is that feeling that no-one should be trusted. Well, i would agree with that. As me personally, have been taken in by most. But Daniel though, i couldn't recommend anyone higher. He promised end of the week he'll be done. I was thinking Sunday as end of the week, but he was finished Friday. If there is anyone, you want to help you out, it is this top bloke, Daniel.

Forget the freelancing sites. Daniel is the man!

I would write more, but i don't think Daniel would give me a full page

George Harnett
George Harnett
avatarAs a programmer, Daniel is quick to understand the real problem that needs to be solved. What's even better is that his solutions are clear and easy to use. That's a crucial skill for a good programmer who needs to remember that he's creating something to be used by a non-technical user. I suppose the most valuable aspect to Daniel's software is that it's easy for other programmers to see what he's done and extend it. While that might seem like a small thing, it means that a piece of software will deliver years of value, even if it changes hands in between. I highly recommend Daniel's skills and approach. He's one of my top picks for contributing to the core MemberWing engine.

Gleb Esman
avatarI’m not easy to impress, but the WP Opt-in Crusher plugin is truly groundbreaking…on my blogs i’m always on the lookout for ways to increase newsletter optins as they dramatically increase sales… this does the job better than any other i’ves seen, I can’t rate it highly enough

Alistair Macpherson
Natural Herb Supplements
We LOVE the Opt-in Crusher! Dan installed the footer on our blog on April 3, 2010. We have had 2257 sign up just from the footer in that little amount of time. That’s an average of 37 more people per day! (That can result in 13,505 sign ups a year in addition to the others that are signing up!) We’ve also noticed fewer people unsubscribe from our blog when they sign up in the footer than anywhere else that’s offered.

We love the ease of use too! We can choose a picture that coordinates with the holidays or themes we are talking about, control how the footer comes up and how often we want to show it to our readers. It is simple and a great asset to increasing our readership! You Rock Dan…once again!

Alison Prince
The optincrusher plugin was super easy to install and configuration was a breeze. On top of that there are detailed videos that explain every setting. Even with all the features, it was easy to use and customize for my website. The thumbnail images that are included look great, and using your own is really easy too. I really love the look and feel of it on my site. Thanks again Daniel.

Marco van Hattem
Yoga for Pregnant Women
Hi Kurt,

Thanks for everything you really have been a star...it's all working perfectly :)

Thanks for your comments...fyi, I have wordpress set up in quite a unique way with lots of video squeeze-pages, which also have a pop up on exit - my homepage is one of these pages.

I use optincrusher within the main content part of the site and the blog, which is where the less intrusive sign up is required and thanks to you my friend it's all working a treat.

Once again thank you very much!


Matt Fiore
Find the perfect accountant in Bristol
The OptinCrusher is wildly effective, and is successfully helping me show people how to feel good no matter what. It has doubled my ability to share the message. And Daniel goes above and beyond with exceptional technical service. I was astounded. Thank-you SO much for your genius and generosity :-)

Alchemy Love Joy
I love simple things that work. They look like they are simple because under the hood somebody was thinking hard. OptinCrusher is such a gem and Daniel is such a thinker. His customer care? Waaay beyond anything similar. Excellent!

Marketing Zmagovalcev
The first week results are in and I have a 230% increase in new subscribers! The week before your plugin I had 43 new subscribers and this last week 142. I can’t even begin to tell you the positive impact this is going to have for my site if this continues which it should as about 80% of my daily visitors are new visitors.

I think 230% is even more impressive when you consider that I’m asking people to subscribe to a DAILY email. The #1 reason people unsubscribe is because they get too much email and I’m an easy one to get rid of. BTW – Unsubscribe rate stayed the same.

Big Geek Daddy
Big Geek Daddy

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